Arus Liar Cottage, Cikidang Sukabumi

Arus Liar (

Nusa Traditional Cottages, Cikidang – Sukabumi, West Java


This is just a perfect place to end your all-natural day. Back to nature is indeed the key to all our facilities here. Our cottages are made from bamboo. Bathrooms are made of stone and the water is unbelievably fresh. We also serve natural food-baked, fried, roasted, anyway you like it – with no preservatives. Sleep the night away as the crickets sing you a lullaby and wake up in the morning feeling incredibly refreshed.

Price: Rp 150,000/person
Location: Delta Citarik River, Desa Cigelong, Kec. Cikidang
Check in time: 15:00
Meeting Point: Pendopo Arus Liar, Desa Cigelong

Traditional Cottages with Toilet & bathroom, camp fire, dinner (BBQ), breakfast, drinks, toiletries, entertainment

Camping Ground


Another choices for feeling natural atmosphere. Feeling together with your friends or Family. With Padi field view, best view on Citarik. Our camping gear are the best camping accommodation which have first quality comfortable. Bathrooms are made of stone and water is unbelievably fresh.

Price : Rp. 115,000/person
Meeting Point: Pendopo Arus Liar, Desa Cigelong
Location Bukit Bambu, Desa Cigelong
Check in time: 15:00

Camping gear, dinner, breakfast, toilet and shower.
Camp fire available for minimum 20 person.


Cottage Facilities:
Pendopo, Toilets, Restaurant, Parking Area, Shower, Swimming pool, Insurance

Rafting, Paint Ball, Off-Road, Experientiel Program.

Komplek Gudang Peluru, Jl. Gudang Peluru Barat Blok X No. 557
Tebet, Jakarta Selatan 12830, INDONESIA
Telp: +62 21 835 5885 (Jakarta Office), +62 266 6622077 (Sukabumi)
Fax: +62 21 837 05448
Mobile: +62 811 103397, +62 813 199 199 85 (SMS only on weekdays)


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