Rakata Campsite, Sukabumi (West Java)

Rakata Adventures (http://www.rakataadventure.com)

Tanakita Campsite


Family gathers are conducted to enhancing emotional ties between employees and their families. Happy at home mean happy at work.

For urbanities wishing to explore the outdoors, without sacrificing the comforts of home, the Rakata Adventure 5-Stars Camp is the prefect introductory program. Asides from warm meals, 5-Stars Campers are also spoiled with indoor toilet facilities. Programs can be run anywhere, based on the request of clients.


Experience is everything, so our first task is locating a spot to fulfill your thirst for experience. Tanakita, our official campsite in Sukabumi, is not only equipped with premium quality support facilities, but also a stunning landscape complete with exotic varieties of animals. For campers, this means a million different experiences, all at once.

Contact Office:
PT. Rakata Alam Terbuka, Jl. Lamandau IV No.17, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12130, INDONESIA.
Phone (+62)21-724-3252, Fax (+62)21-726-9761
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Satu Tanggapan

  1. saya teratarik ama tempat Tanakita rakata kayakna keren dech
    saya n teman2 mau ngadain trip gt dech.. bisa tau gak rincian biaya2 dari sewa tempat n laen2 plus fasilitas2 na, tolong email ke saya ya untuk infonya.. thanks

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